I know I am not perfect, nor am I the most brilliant English writer out there, but one of my pet peeves is bad English grammar.

Ok, I admit, I also have my occasional lapses. Who doesn’t? Still, I would like to believe that whereas we could all be guilty of some occasional bad grammatical lapses (even CNN is not impervious to this), there are also some serious offenders out there who really need to brush up on their grammar. Specifically, grammar that should have been learned and mastered in grade school. There’s just no excuse. Both the student and the educational system should be blamed for this.

Don’t get me started on misspellings. Seriously, in this day and age, with all the tools at our disposal, for the life of me I can’t imagine how anyone can type on the computer and still make misspellings. You would think that it should have been rendered obsolete already. When in doubt, do a spell check!

My Facebook wall is littered with them, may it be in the form of badly written status updates, feel-good quotations written by some literary genius, or practically anything picked up on the internet. I’m horrified by the amount of gunk I see there each time I bother to log in. And oh boy…it annoys the hell out of me. What is most annoying is how people would even bother to write something in English anyway. Tagalugin mo na lang, plis.

Can’t you see how badly written it is? Why bother to re-post it? Everyone tries to project a carefully crafted image of themselves on social media by posting every awesome, earth-shattering thing that happens to them and their families and anybody remotely connected or related to them. But dude, if you post that feel-good quotation that 1) simply doesn’t make sense, and 2) written in such bad grammar that will give your English teacher chills on a 40-degree C summer day, no way that post can give your image any positive boost. Count on it.

Unless of course you DO realize how bad it is, but decide to post it anyway, so we could all enjoy a good laugh.

Life’s too short to be annoyed to death by bad grammar, yes?